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Chaotic Butterfly fic - master list

Chaotic Butterfly is a series of original novels written by mousapelli. I have written a truly absurd amount of fic for it and felt it would be appropriate to archive it here for anyone who may have missed it or wants it all in one happy place.

[canon resource links]
Chaotic Butterfly: 2007
Unseen Wings: 2008
Purely By Luck: 2009
About Face: 2010
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Please contact mousapelli to be added to the filter in order to read them online.

All fic was original posted in ichiband_weekly, the Chaotic Buttefly universe's fan community.

Fics are posted with the most recent at the top and going down to the earliest. The canon novels were still in progress while I was writing these, so I was obviously jossed along the way in some cases. And sometimes I shaped history. :3 Such is the risk.

[canon characters]
-Five Times that Maeda Finds Out that Goto Is in a Boy Band -- Maeda, Goto Hikaru, Goto Shinichirou, 5*STAR
-Roller Skates Are the Devil -- Kouji, 5*STAR, Akai Ito, cast
-Firsts -- Shiori and Sakurai; Adachi and his mom; Maeda and Goto
Summary: Everything starts from here.
-Just His Luck 5*STAR
Summary: One look at the broody jeans model and the pair of insanely famous idols rolled up together on the couch made it obvious that either Reiki had been drugged or he was in one of those porno where the star was trapped in a porno.
-Untitled -- 5*STAR
Summary: And then, one bright January day, Goto becomes suddenly and horribly ill.
-Untitled -- Goto's still unnamed brother, Mitsuki
Summary: Goto's brother thought he had raised him properly.
-Pure Poetry -- 5*STAR
Summary: Adachi does a dramatic reading.
-Introductions -- 4LEAF
Summary: Tsukioka looked a grand total of twelve years old.
-Natural Habitat -- 5*STAR
Summary: When they arrived to the set of their first PV, they found it covered in colorful inflated balls of varying sizes. Goto didn't even bother to be horrified anymore.
-Untitled -- Tsukioka, Aoki
Summary: The photoshoot was a tough one.
-Lesson 123 -- 5*STAR
Summary: Goto gets dance lessons.
-Recognition -- 5*STAR, Pantheon
Summary: Adachi appoints himself the international welcoming committee.

-the fangirls and boys
-Tsuki-chin, Sakkun, and Tat-chan

[the fangirls]
Summary: "What happened to your face?!" -- fangirls and boys
-Untitled -- Aya
Summary: Aya has problems. Not big ones, but they still suck.
-Untitled -- Meimi/Hiroyuki
Summary: Hiroyuki's girlfriend is understanding of his secret needs.
-Untitled -- fangirls
Summary: After the Ichiband Weekly taping, the girls squee in a diner.
-The New Unit -- fangirls
Summary: Highschool girls have too much time on their hands.
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